Annie Marie Musselman was born south of Seattle in a quiet town surrounded by deep forests and cold water. As a child, she accompanied her father as he captured the surrounding landscape in watercolors. She later majored in studio art at a small Midwestern college, and spent a year studying photography in Marseilles, France.

Annie’s first book Finding Trust was published in 2013 by Kehrer Verlag in Germany. The book documents a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 75 miles north of Seattle, Washington. Her second book titled Wolf Haven: Sanctuary and the Future of Wolves in North America documents a sanctuary for wolves and was published in fall 2016 by Sasquatch Books.

Annie has dedicated her work to compassionately documenting animals in sanctuaries around the world. It is her hope to raise awareness of the fragility and beauty of endangered/indicator species – animals which if preserved, would save countless other species in turn.

Annie’s work can be seen in The New Yorker, National Geographic Magazine, Audubon, Wired, Travel + Leisure and Smithsonian among others. She is represented by Maria Bianco at

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